Q1. I have been trying to order but your checkout is not working, is it broken or am I doing something wrong?

A1.  No, but due to very high demand for my hand made designs checkout only opens two or three times a month. You can check the exact opening dates and times on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We usually only open for a very short time, anything from five minutes to an hour so you have to be quick to bag your order.

Q2. I am a model/photographer/stylist/performer etc, do you loan or give designs for free in exchange for photos and/or social media promotion?

A2. I do NOT loan out garments as lingerie cannot be returned once worn for hygiene reasons. For photo collaborations I would be looking for lots of experience, a strong portfolio and very high quality images in a style that I think would suit my brand and/or you must have a large social media following of 200K+

Q3. Can you make me something that looks like this other designers work but do it cheaper?

A3. NO! I only make my own designs, please do not ask me to copy another designers work this makes me very cross indeed and is extremely rude!

Q4. I know this item says sold out but can you still make it for me?

A4. Sorry no, once an item is out of stock I'm afraid it is gone for good. There may be occasions where I revive old designs if the supplies I use to make them become available again but unless it appears on the website then sold out means just that!

Q5. I know it says the make up times are 4-6 weeks but I need this piece for two days time can I have it for then please?

A5. I'm sorry no, I'm afraid due to the fact that all my designs are very carefully hand made this takes time. The minimum wait time for one item is approx 2-3 weeks.

Q6. I know your checkout is closed right now but I really need something for an event I am attending, can I queue jump and get a special order, I can pay extra?

A6. I'm sorry no, my priority is to those who placed their orders at the checkout opening times and you cannot queue jump as this would be unfair to those customers who have waited patiently for the checkout to open.

Q7. Do you do custom orders?

A7. I'm sorry no I'm afraid that I am always far too busy to spend any time on custom pieces.

Q8. Where do you buy your supplies?

A8.  It takes us indie designers YEARS of hard work and research to find good suppliers, we do not give out that information. I'm afraid you will have to do the hard work all by yourself!

Q9. Do you do wholesale or discount?

A9. Sorry no.